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Our Vision

To be a trusted market leader in providing quality products with most reasonable price that offer value for money and a prime focus on customer by persistent improvement and growth.

Our Mission

The conglomerate comprises of several business to serve the community with a vision by providing quality assured products with reasonable price.

About the Company

The traditional family business group has a hard core experience in jewel production as well as retailing for a period of 100 years.

Started as a conventional manufacturing plant and move on to the latest technologies which is fully compatible with forthcoming IT upgrades.

Proven Credibility, Passionate Designers of Jewels and Reasonable Price Tag made MADHURAG as a synonym of quality in the industry. Every product of MADHURAG is having the craftsman’s signature and unique customer experience.

To meet the growing demand for our classic and contemporary designs from other regions, we started wholesales of our own designer jewels and delivered our products through our retailers

We blended trend and tradition without compromising on quality. Throughout our history, we have driven change and set standards in the jewelry industry of Kerala.


Our Services For Our Valued Customers


Modern customers are looking for variety of designs and models, so jewelers are forced to store a large no. of studs with very small change in 'look'. There are chances to mix up the identical designs with small changes which cannot be recognized easily.

MADHURAG presents a very peculiar STUD PAIR CARE to avoid the mix of different design which will make unwanted confusions to customers as well as sales associates.


  • Weighing the studs without removing from stud pair care
  • Zero possibility to mix up
  • Provision for bar code tag
  • Water / Acid wash can be done along with stud pair care
  • Cost Effective


Invest in our quality and trust

Welcome good opportunities into your lives with our Saving Schemes offering customizable plans for your convenience and prosperous returns for your purchases.


Green Life division deals with Agriculture Equipments. The locality is a rural area and surrounded by a large number of farmers and agriculture equipments are not available in their market. So the group started a new division to support the farmers by providing all equipments required for their agriculture.

Presently, we can not get a vegetable or fruits which may not do any harm to our body with the enormous usage of chemical fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. In this juncture, we think about the option of Organic Farming and a large area of agriculture was started. As everybody knows, this is not a profitable business, but it is for the well being of the community rather the world. That is why; our group is focusing on Organic Farming.


  • Bar Code Printer
  • Bar Code Scanner
  • Paper Shredder
  • Office supplies
  • Stud pair care
  • And all jewellery and Office products
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